Saturday, 10 November 2007

Two months later, and a unrelated rant

Well, it's been over two months since I wrote anything here. Two months seems to be a reoccuring time period of my blogging breaks. Hopefully I will be able to actually stick with the damn thing this time.

Anyway, what better way for me to start again then with one of my favourite activites: ranting. Nothing like a good rant to get me back into the blogging spirit. However this has really nothing to do with religion, hopefully some more of those will come later. No this has to do with tabbed browsing.

Now for those of you who don't know (and are probably still using steel and flint for fire-lighting), tabbed browsing is fantastic. It allows for multiple websites to be opened in the same browser window, bypassing the horrific clutter found with opening new windows for each page. It is not unusual for me to have up to 20+ websites open at one time, which would be impossible to navigate normally. So tabbed browsing is a real blessing.

So imagine my frustration when I find a website which doesn't agree. It decides that tabbed browsing is too good for me., 'No you can't open that window in a new tab. I want you to use a new window. Tabbed browsing is far too good for you. Look at you. You can't read all those websites. No it's a new window for you, I'm afraid'. It's like the past few years of web browsing advancement have been conveniently forgotten, and some idiot is trying to sell me Netscape Navigator as the browser of the future.

This ties in with my hatred of computers telling me what to do, or what they think I want to do, one of my pet hates about Windows. "No Word, I don't want you annoying steel wire shit telling me how to write a letter. No I don't want to send an error report to Microsoft, I want an application that doesn't think it has the right to boss me around and then sulkily crash when I finally get my way".

I could probably continue this rant for much longer, and probably will at some point, but you get the picture.

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