Thursday, 1 February 2007

Vista is eating itself

There are somethings which just make me laugh. Family Guy, The Thick of It, stupid people getting confused by lifts. But top of the list is seeing Microsoft tripping up. Especially if there's blood. Case in point, Microsoft's new operating system, Vista. First of all it was to have five, yes count them, five new features. This gradually decreased until it became the three 'Columns of Vista'. And then I believe they had to also get rid of those. Despite the slogan 'The wow starts now' I've yet to see anything that makes me think anything other than "Wow that's really stupid". Take for example the news that with MP3 files, crackers would be able to make Vista permanently delete files, using Vista's speech regonition. That's just dumb beyond belief. Mind you what do you expect from Microsoft? Genius?


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Daltervia said...

While Vista most definitely is not the most amazing upgrade in the world; we must accept that sooner or later the inevitable will occur and the vast majority of users will upgrade from XP. Whether it is when users buy a new computer or if they are forced to through microsoft's "monopoly power".

But, to be fair, I'm not bitter about Microsoft. It has, if anything, brought a stable information technology environment. Apart from Apple - which is innovate in its own right - many of the other systems - Linux for example - came about only because people wanted to challenge Microsoft's monopoly power. This has done a world of good, in my opinion. It has given whole computing communities the ability to create open source software. You have to ask yourself - would things like Open Office have come about without Microsoft there (inadvertently providing motivation?).