Sunday, 6 May 2007

Coming soon... A change of direction

As you can see its been over two months since I last posted, well anything, here on The Bad News Bible. Originally this blog was started as my comedic take on world affairs. Sadly it wasn't very funny. And I lost interest. But now I'm back (hopefully), with a new ax (or several) to grind. It is now religion. I have certain views about religion, which having moaned about ad nauseum to my family and friends, I have decided to spare their collective minds, and moan out loud to the internet. Well its not like anyone will read it anyway. Plus the title of my blog is almost prophetic.

So anyway, as soon as I find time in my busy schedule I will begin my full on rants. Fun. Hopefully there will still be my 'comedic' takes on all things current, but that remains to be seen.


Quirkalope said...

I found it funny


Xander said...

Thank you Jon, much appreciated. With that in mind I'll try to include funny stories among the rants as well.

Han said...

i always fouund it funny even if i didn't understand half of what you said. i suppose this is the only place i can get to here it since you abondoned me :( xxx