Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Falwell dead...who?

Well of course I had heard of Jerry Falwell before the news of his death. Even a brief visit to the countless sites on evolution and atheism will undoubtedly mention Falwell. The notorious creationist and evangelical was well known for his attacks against minority groups, especially the gay and lesbian community.

But frankly I do not care for him. I will not feign sorrow for his passing. But neither will I gloat at it. He is dead, and the dead cannot answer the challenges of the living. There are many criticisms that can, should and have been made against him. But I think the best thing that can be done is to forget him. He is (hopefully) a sad, bigoted blip in a greater push towards a better and more reasonable world.

There are enough like him, who are still alive, that we should worry about, and not waste our energies on him. Consign Falwell to the rubbish heap of other such nonsense spewers and no-one in twenty years will remember him.

He wasted his life hating those who were different. Hopefully he and his views will be soon be forgotten, so we can all say truthfully "Falwell...who?".

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