Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Shilpa wins

So Shilpa Shetty has won Big Brother. Big surprise. The country could not take 'alleged racism' so seriously without doing so. Ironic though that last time Jade was voted the winner, and has since fallen out of favour with the public; can the same be expected of Shilpa? Will she incense the nation by, perhaps, barbecuing a Battersea dog, and eating it? Somehow, I think she might.

I want to keep this particular post short, as the vacuous waste of tabloid drivel that seems to constantly take up air time on Channel 4, deserves to have its oxygen forcibly ripped out of its lungs. However, looking at the tabloids this morning, it was interesting to see that nearly all had pictures of Shilpa on their front pages. All that is except the Daily Express. Again no surprise there. Nice to know that the ever "respectable" Daily Express is taking a completely unbiased view.


Daltervia said...

I don't think that Jade ever won Big Brother.

I think it shows that Big Brother brought up an important point that was questioned the place of subtle racism in the minds of ordinary people. I don't understand the - for want of a better word - anger/displeasure towards Shilpa winning that certain people - not just you - have expressed. Surely - her winning is a good thing - as it completely solves the issue?

I, for one, welcomed the media attention.

Han said...

Jade never won Big Brother she has just carve a 'better' career then the others so everyone just assumes that she one. Although i don't think that really matters as its all a load of crap anyway- even if it does raise the importatnt issues of this conutry that need to be tended to ergently.
thanks for changing the thing that now allows me to make these comments (even if they make no real sense). xxx